26) Nutritional effects on auditory brainstem maturation in healthy term infants

Unay b et al; Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed. 2004 Mar; 89(2):F177-9.

Preterm and term newborns fed with a formula supplemented with DHA show more rapid and better development of visual acuity and better psychomotor development than infants fed with a standard formula. We show a more rapid maturation of the absolute wave and interpeak latencies of infants fed with either breast milk or a formula supplemented with DHA compared with infants fed with a standard formula.

According to the study of Makrides et al,1 visual evoked potential acuities of infants who were breast fed or fed LCPUFA supplemented formula were higher than those of infants fed unsupplemented formula, indicating that DHA is an essential nutrient in optimal visual neuronal maturation of term infants. The neurodevelopmental outcome of the healthy term infants who received LCPUFA supplemented formula was better than that of those who did not receive LCPUFA supplementation.

All these findings suggest that both term and preterm infants can benefit with respect to neuronal maturation and neurodevelopmental performance from being fed with LCPUFA supplemented formulas.