4) Dietary essential fatty acids, long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, and visual resolution acuity in healthy full-term infants: a systematic Review

J.P. SanGiovanni et al. / Early Human Development 57 (2000) 165 –188

“Dietary DHA leads to better performance on visually-based tasks in healthy, full-term infants
DHA is efficiently incorporated and selectively retained within retinal photoreceptor outer-segments. DHA may influence retinal membrane dynamics “

“A World Health Organization (WHO) /Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Expert Committee [50] has recommended that the level of DHA present in human milk and the volume of human milk that is usually consumed should be used for determining the levels necessary for optimal structural and functional visual development. Levels of DHA in human milk vary widely between different http://windhampharmacy.com/ geographically and ethnically defined populations.The WHO/FAO Committee also has recommended that: (1) full-term infant formula contains 3.5% fat,of which 0.38% is DHA; and (2) pre-term infant formula contain 4.0% fat, of which 0.60% is DHA”

“The recommended full-term formula concentration is approximately 20 mg DHA/kg bodyweight; the pre-term formula concentration is approximately 40 mg DHA/kg bodyweight.