46) DHA Supplementation during Pregnancy and Lactation Affects Infants’ Cellular but Not Humoral Immune Response

Granot E et al; Mediators Inflamm. 2011; 2011:493925

Levels of maternal DHA decline during pregnancy and decrease even further when the lactation period is extended.

The high demand for DHA has prompted current recommendations that during pregnancy and lactation the average dietary intake of DHA should be 200–300 mg per day.

In 90% of the women surveyed, DHA intake was far below the recommended requirement infants of mothers receiving DHA supplementation, the CD8+CD45RO+/CD8 fraction, representing memory cells, was higher in the DHA-supplemented group.

The desired average intake of at least 200 mg DHA/day can be reached with the consumption of one to two portions of sea fish per week” [13]. Thus, their
Dietary intake of DHA may be considered as adequate.